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Computer Science

Computer Science is a hands-on subject. Students will be actively involved in their own learning by asking questions and solving problems, as well as work in cooperative learning groups.  As their teacher, I will do everything to help support their learning by providing your child with a wide variety of experiences. I will encourage them to apply their knowledge in high-level challenges, and provide them with a variety of methods to demonstrate their understanding of the content.  As parents/guardians you can provide an additional support system to your child by having conversations about what we are learning and challenge your child to verbalize their understanding – or even teach you a thing or two!


Students will develop a growing and enduring understanding of the role of technology in their everyday lives along with skills that they can apply to their academics and in their future. This will include topics such as:

  • Impacts of computing and digital citizenship 
  • Logic, problem solving and creativity 
  • How the Internet and computers work 
  • Basic computer programming 
  • Creating simple apps, animations, and “code art"